Sunday, June 27, 2010

Informative Speech: "The Causes of Homelessness"

Hi Form 6 students! I have chosen this video for two of your MUET components, namely MUET 1 - Listening and MUET 2 - Speaking. For your listening task, I shall post some questions based on this video for you to respond to. Those questions will be posted to your e-mails later. For your speaking task, I would like you to identify all the strengths present in this speaker's presentation and also weaknesses, if there are any. I shall expect your responses to the tasks in the week begining July 5th 2010. Happy listening!


  1. There are lot of problem here....fuhh!i dont know what to say...i must find what this speech about...

  2. Is that the sound problem or the youtube problem.? i cant hear the man voice clearly. The sound of the II Divo song i can hear clearly but the speech cant? why??

  3. Faizal,
    I concur that there are a number of weaknesses here but they are quite obvious. You can easily identify them. Watching the video a number of times may help you identify the weaknesses better.

  4. Apek:
    There is no problem with the audio. And as for the background song by Il Divo, you should put the video to pause for you to hear the sound from the video. Follow this procedure, and try listening to the video again. Good luck!