Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Freeloading Family

The other day I was shopping in a hypermarket when I had the unpleasant experience of bumping into this large group of noisy family who were also there to shop, apparently. The thing that immediately caught my attention about that family was that they we all gathered around the fruits section and filling their hungry gaping dirty mouths with the grapes that were on sale there. The grapes were going at RM8.90 per kilo and had already been put in neat bags of a kilo each. This family even had the audacity to open up the packaging and started plucking the grapes one by one eating to their hearts' content, if they had any heart in them to begin with; and I do mean all of them, including the father, the mother, the daughters and sons, the grandmother and a whole group of gaggling aunties! And to top it all off, they didn't even notice I had taken a picture of them because they were too busy stuffing their faces with the grapes.
I have chanced upon this situation more than once but I have never got used to the idea of people who freeload, especially when it comes in family size unison. I always feel that, where fruit is concerned, if you really want something that is for sale and you can't afford to buy a lot, just buy the little that you can afford. However, in this scenario affordability is not the question. The main question here is the idea of honesty. I suppose this group of family have not had that value ingrained in them for the past few generations judging from the people in the family who participated in the grape-feeding frenzy. If the grandmother does not have an ounce of honesty inside her bone how then can she possibility teach any of it to her children and to her children's children.
I feel that these people are not ready for hypermarkets and they have actually driven all the way from somewhere else, probably Mars, just to have a look at what the hoopla is all about, and to happily take advantage of it! I may be a bit judgemental here, but I have no place for people who are dishonest. I mean, you can come from a very remote place but if you have honesty in your heart, you will be safe where ever you go; whether the place has any hypermarkets or not!


  1. maybe they coming from rural area & dont have any emotions except gluttony.
    not to be rude but they look like indian people,don't they? (x-x)

  2. hi shafik
    I think demographics is not the issue. I feel if an individual has been taught to be honest since young (and God-fearing!) then this situation will not happen. It is also not exclusive to a particular race, creed or religion. The fact that free-loading is so universal, is probably why these people have no shame at all! They may be thinking that if other people can do it, why can't they? No shame!