Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rose's Turn - Glee Cast (Lyrics)

I heard this song on the first episode of the second season of Glee, the surprisingly interesting show that has got me glued to the boob tube since last season. I guess I can somehow, in my own rhetorical way, relate to all the characters in the Glee Club and that is the basic reason why the show appeals to me. I think that is why it also appeals to most of its audience, whom among others, are people who have their own aspirations; who find them hard to achieve because other people think that they don't have the ability or are not visually pleasant enough!

Call the show what ever you like! You can call it a fantasy or you can even call it an escapism because, in a sense, it is true. The show provides a sense of escapism to those who aspire to be somebody but have not reached the right time and place to be discovered or make an impact, so before achieving those ambitions, all they can do is fantasize. But no ordinary fantasy mind you. A fantasy that is coupled with hard work and determination to achieve that ambition! I hope Glee doesn't lose it's lustre, and continue to provide aspirations to those who wish to aspire! And also perspire!

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