Monday, June 21, 2010

Welcome Back To School

First day of school after the break!

After two weeks holiday, everyone including teachers and students, return to school with spirits anew. Well, at least a handful of them revived their spirits to face the next second half of the year, with a few more months of toil. I say toil because as you know, whether you are a teacher or a student, your task is never done, even though people seem to think you have all the time to lie under the sun. Not that it is a suitable time anyway, because it is terribly hot nowadays.
Well, back to the subject of the first day of school, I would say that if I were a student, I would like to hear my teachers welcome me back to school, listen to them lifting my spirits and giving me meaningful advise. Very little of that actually happened today in the hall during assembly. What the students got were lashings of warnings and tons of reprimands from one teacher to another, much to their boredom and, not surprisingly, disgust.
I mean, it is only the first day and already you are being verbally scolded from all sides. I could only stand so much because after one of the teacher's speeches, I started to switch off. And I am a teacher!!! You can imagine how the students reacted!


  1. Slmt kembali mengajar..hehe..tunaikan kewajipan dgn sebaik mungkin..tggjwb itu cukup besar..

  2. Salam Ad;
    Terima kasih kerana melawat blog saya. Sememangnya tanggungjawab itu sangat besar, sebesar yang diharap oleh pentadbir, ibu-bapa, masyarakat dan pelajar itu sendiri. Tapi, yang penting saya akan terus usaha dan tawakal.