Sunday, June 6, 2010


School holidays is not only for us to take time to relax and unwind, and forget about the grueling 8 hours we teachers endure daily at school, sometimes working for six or seven periods on ends and having to face lots of challenges, namely from the students and the administrators. School holidays, however, is also a time when couples who are in love, make a lifetime and memorable commitment by tying the knot. And nothing is more memorable than attending the wedding of your own ex-student. I personally, get a sense of deep personal satisfaction when I see my ex-student making it in life in all aspects; from education to career and from relationships to matrimony. It cannot be denied that as the years go by, I have and will be attending more and more of my ex-students' weddings. If the rowdy students in school add to the number of grey hair on my head, these ex-students who make it in life make the grey hair much more visible. However, my ex-students' success, makes all the grey hair seem worth while.

A special mention goes to Hafida, my ex-student, who got married a few weeks back. I enjoyed the wonderful reception and the food was very much to my liking. May your bond of marriage lasts a lifetime and may you be bestowed with happiness. Thank you for the invitation!

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