Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Exam for Teachers!

This whole week has been exams for teachers and today is the last day. A few days is not really a short span of time when you consider the actual time spent by teachers to read up on the topics that would be coming out in the exams. Even longer, when you consider the fact that some teachers have been taking the same exam year after year without success, apparently because of a quota system that determines how many of us pass and how many of us fail. I mean, if you already know who is going to pass or otherwise, then why allow us to sit for the exam in the first place?

Apart from being unfair, I personally feel that examination can be a daunting experience and from another point of view can be quite discriminating, too. Daunting because, being one who does not have young age and an active medulla oblongata on my side, I have to sit in the same hall with younger colleagues. Discriminating because, well, examination is the time when your heads of departments start discriminating those whom they want to go up the ladder of achievement and those who will remain at the base of the ladder.

But with this particular exam being what it is in the first place, perhaps some people just don't need ladders. They can simply ride a magic carpet and fly off into the sunset enjoying their meteoric rise!

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