Friday, June 18, 2010

Friend or Friendlier

The Eyes are two of a human's organs that doesn't grow any bigger since infant to adulthood. That is why they leave a lasting impression!

It is not always easy to find new friends especially in today's world when everyone is busy with his or her own careers and practically minding their own businesses. However, once in a while, you do meet people, in reality or virtually, who want to be your friend and they seem quite genuine in their intentions. People foster their friendship usually on the basis of similar interests or opinions that they may share, but sometimes friendship is borne out of necessity and also out of dissimilar interests.
Whatever the reason for the friendship, one thing that is always difficult to fathom is when one of the friends wants to take the friendship one step further, from becoming friends to more than friends. There is no hard and fast rule when starting a friendship. You cannot give instructions that your friendship will be totally platonic and it should not go further than that. It is always difficult when one of you instigate that move, and you are caught off guard!
So, when you are put in such a position, what then can you do? It would be impossible for you to stand your ground and be defiant about the personal rule that you have set when you started the friendship, because the unwritten rule was not mutually agreed upon. Can you actually be that adamant by looking at your friend straight in the eyes? Staring into those two limpid pools of dark globes containing mysterious secrets of the heart, which is going all out for yours! Be careful of those pools because one false step and you can fall into them and drown!

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