Friday, June 18, 2010

Good Luck to My Ex-Students!

Rezza Roslan

Muhammad Asyraf Khaja Mohideen

Shazwi Abdul Razak
Anis Fadzlin Abdul Razak
Every year I go through the same feeling but never has it been this poignant and exciting at the same time. Poignant because some of the students above actually went out of their way to thank me (and, I suppose other teachers too) for all that I have done to enable them to be where they are today. That place in question is where they will be studying for their tertiary education doing their first degrees. And exciting because I get to know, one by one, where they will be going to to further their studies. It is just like receiving one good news after another!
I do not take credit for my students' success, but I feel honoured and privileged when my students actually thank me for what I have done. It is true that a teacher's work is to teach his student merely because he is paid to do so, and no gratification should be elicited from this work. And in fact, a teacher does not actually ask to be appreciated! But when a student comes up to you and articulates a single word 'thank you', it makes years of teaching worth the effort. Even though, a teacher may have taught thousands of students throughout his profession, it does not really take all those thousands of students to express their gratitude. One simple thank you from one student would be enough. One student can actually make up for all those thousands who 'forgot' to say thank you.
All I can say to my ex-students, especially those whom I feature in this blog entry, who have said thank you is, thank you and that your success is reward enough for me.

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