Friday, June 4, 2010

School Holiday

It's that time again! The time when students and teachers alike rejoice because it is the end of a semester! Finally! Time for teachers to sit back and relax and forget about work and especially students who have been a proverbial pain in the neck! I suppose that is why teachers always complain about back aches, painful shoulders and aching necks! We now know for sure the cause of these ailments! I suppose these students are totally oblivious to this to the point that they always wonder why their teachers breathe a long sigh of relief or smile from ear to ear after the end of a lesson with them. It is no wonder that these teachers hasten their pace or even take longer strides to be as far away from these students as possible! And a two-week's absence from these students is sheer bliss! The proverb 'absence makes the heart grows fonder' does not apply in this situation! Happy holidays teachers! You deserve it!


  1. 2 weeks holiday+MUET's homework=mind-blowin' actions

  2. hi shafik
    glad you think that having MUET homework can be something mind-blowing! hope your group's presentation, when the school re-opens, will be as mind-blowing as well! happy holidays!

  3. i love this holiday but i got lot of work to do M.faizal

  4. hello Faizal
    of course holiday is the time to have fun but not too much fun, and definitely not fun all time time! You have to keep track of your studies too, right? Thanks for dropping by. Hope to get more comments from you in future!