Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dynasty : Alexis and Krystle ultimate catfight

In conjunction with the new background song that I have chosen for my blog (which comes with a disclaimer that I don't own either of the artistic creations) I have chosen this very much loved cat fight scene between Alexis Colby and Krystle Carrington, two of the lead characters from the series which first aired in the 80's. Of course some of you who are reading this blog right now, don't even know about any of these characters, let alone the soap opera, which also happened to be one of my favourite shows back then. However, I did miss a couple of episodes because during that time I was studying in a teachers' training college and there was no television over there. So now, with "youtube" I can check out all those episodes that I missed, including this one. Hail Dynasty!!! There will never be a show like it ever again! Thank God for small miracles!!! :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Nisfu Syaaban

In the light of Nisfu Syaaban, which literally means, the fifteenth night of the month of Syaaban, Muslims all over the world are looking to practise as much good deeds in anticipation of the coming Ramadhan.

And in light of this auspiscious night, I would like to share some thoughts about 4 of the 9 reasons for an unhappy heart.

1. Anger : When one has anger in his heart, one will not be able to find peace, similarly he will also not be able to find happiness.

2. Vengeful : Being vengeful will eat up ones heart, always thinking of ways to destroy other people. With a heart full of this feeling, one cannot find happiness.

3. Miser : A person with this in his heart, will find ways to avoid from making the smallest of donations for fear that other may share his wealth, or even worse become richer than he is, and is always worried that would happen, thus robbing him of his happiness.

4. Greed : Just like the miser, one who is full of greed, wants all wealth to be his, and it does not make him happy to see other people have a any share of wealth.

Insya Allah, the other five reasons will be shared in my next post.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Page Pet

pYzam Page Pets
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Monday, July 12, 2010

Adios World Cup

Felicidad La Furia Roja

I have never been a football fan and in a way I suppose I never will be. Well, maybe there was once during the 1990 FIFA World Cup, if my memory serves me right, when I was actually a real football fanatic.

I remember I had just got my posting to teach in a Felda scheme all the way in Johor and I was staying in one of the officer's quarters, which incidentally did not look much like one for I suspected the house actually needed some tending to and a fresh coat of paint. But enough about the house and back to football.

I recall all throughout the month that the event took place, my housemate at that time, prepared ourselves to stay up late to watch the interesting matches which meant choosing our favourite teams. We would set our alarm clocks, go to bed early and let the clocks wake us up. When we got up, we boiled a pot of coffee, took out some biscuits, switched on the telly and huddled warmly in our respective duvets to watch the games. There were only two of us in the house, but the noise that we made cheering for the teams, almost every time woke up the neighbours, who almost all of them had small school-going children and some even smaller.

When I recall those crazy football loving days, I can appreciate how people actually do go crazy over football. However, watching football games like the World Cup now is a totally different ball game altogether; no pun intended! People don't watch the games on their tellies in the comfort of their own homes but they go to food outlets like stalls and bistros to watch the telecast on giant screens with other strangers. True, they go there with their friends but the spirit of football being a game to enjoy in the comfort of your own home is a thing of the past.
Football has now become a culture! If football is the culture that young people nowadays are willing to adopt, what happens to the culture they already have?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Master of Ceremony: How Long More?

For Better Or For Worse

My first experience at being a master of ceremony (MC), actually took me by surprise almost fifteen years ago, when a colleague who was supposed to be the MC for that particular PTA meeting, was taken ill. As reluctant as I was at being asked to do something ad hoc without any advance preparation, I took the task in my stride and, I was even more surprised when the meeting went on without a hitch. The rest, as they say, is history.

And now, fifteen years later, I am still that MC, but for many more occasions other than PTA meetings, including seminars, official functions, school sports, district and state level activities and even workshops. I must say that I have enjoyed being the MC all these years, mostly because I like to create texts and also poems to be read during the occasions. I say 'I have enjoyed being the MC' because I feel the novelty (if you can call it that after all these years!) has finally started to wear off.

I also feel that it is high time that this position is filled by someone else, preferably a younger protege, a fresh face, who could take over this position. I feel that for someone whose age is pushing half a century, it is time for me to hand over the microphone to that person. I am truly honoured to hear that people still feel that I am the best person for the job, however I feel that there are many more younger and more capable people out there who are waiting for their turn to shine. And shine they should because I am not going to be around forever. Anyway, I always feel that it is always better to walk away with dignity where the choice to leave is yours and not when you are told to do so.

I suppose that is all I am asking for. Give me my dignity!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Higher Education

Students registering at a local university

A Student's home for the next three or four years.

What can be considered as the final hurdle in a student's education is when they set their foot into one of the universities all over the country (or even abroad, if one is lucky enough!) However, this need not be the last for all because education is a never-ending process. But having the chance to further one's education in a university is, well, something to be proud of, not only by the student himself but by all those who know him.

The student's main task now is to study well and to perform to the best of his or her ability, because the real challenge is not setting foot in the university but to compete with the other students who have abilities and qualities of their own. Forget about where the money to support your education is coming from for that is the responsibility of the parents. Forget about having (too much) fun, because enjoyment will come when you produce good results and hold that scroll in your hand.

Most importantly the student himself must remember that his entry into the university is accompanied by the prayers of his loved ones, by the joy of his friends and by the aspirations that he set to his siblings and younger relatives. And with those prayers, joys and aspirations, fly high and make yourself and everyone proud!

Effort Unappreciated

The Good, The Bad and The Totally Bad

You are always encouraged to the point of being forced, to prepare resource materials, especially ones that would attract the students' interest to learn, in this case English Language. And you, either out of obligation or sheer interest, spend your precious time and money to do just that and more, so your students would get, not only to acquire the language, but in doing so, undertake activities that challenge their knowledge and also their creativity.

And to allow these students the opportunity to complete your tasks, you give them ample time to finish the task; not one day, not two, but more than a week. And to make things even easier for them, they are allowed to complete the tasks in groups of as many as four people.

However, all your planning and your research in creating educational resource materials for your students fall flat in your face because none of your students made any attempt to check out your resource materials, let alone complete the tasks. It really is disheartening when you think that the only reason you go all out to produce these materials is to allow your students the chance to improve their proficiency in the language. It just makes you feel like going back to the more conventional method of 'chalk and talk'! Only when I talk, I would want them to keep quiet. And the chalk, I would not use it to write on the board!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Deception Point

Deceived by Two Combs of Bananas
It had to happen at one point in time and I always say it is better late than never. Though the delay of realizing that one has been deceived has actually taken toll on an individual's life. I cannot help but feel like I have been at the bait-end of the lure, taunted and tempted, by this wriggling juicy bait. The angler, to my ignorant assumption, is trying to offer me some kind of delicacy that I have never before had in my life. The angler who is offering me the satisfaction of consuming this exotic live bait.
And being the greedy and gullible individual that I am, I fall hook, line and sinker into this deception, that is now filling me with grief and if not taken care of carefully, may even cause me pain and stress. I should have realized that after this long game of taunting me with the bait, I should have noticed that it was merely a game of who is going to be the actual winner, because the obvious loser is me.
It doesn't really matter how much or how little I have done, but I suppose I was too naive to expect something in return when in reality that is not the case. I guess it was just a case of give and take, with me doing most of the giving. I should learn from this experience of deception, but being a normal (sic!) human being, I doubt I will learn anything from this because I have a feeling I will fall hook, line and sinker again for the next bait that is thrown at me. I just hope it will be more to my taste, at least!