Thursday, July 8, 2010

Master of Ceremony: How Long More?

For Better Or For Worse

My first experience at being a master of ceremony (MC), actually took me by surprise almost fifteen years ago, when a colleague who was supposed to be the MC for that particular PTA meeting, was taken ill. As reluctant as I was at being asked to do something ad hoc without any advance preparation, I took the task in my stride and, I was even more surprised when the meeting went on without a hitch. The rest, as they say, is history.

And now, fifteen years later, I am still that MC, but for many more occasions other than PTA meetings, including seminars, official functions, school sports, district and state level activities and even workshops. I must say that I have enjoyed being the MC all these years, mostly because I like to create texts and also poems to be read during the occasions. I say 'I have enjoyed being the MC' because I feel the novelty (if you can call it that after all these years!) has finally started to wear off.

I also feel that it is high time that this position is filled by someone else, preferably a younger protege, a fresh face, who could take over this position. I feel that for someone whose age is pushing half a century, it is time for me to hand over the microphone to that person. I am truly honoured to hear that people still feel that I am the best person for the job, however I feel that there are many more younger and more capable people out there who are waiting for their turn to shine. And shine they should because I am not going to be around forever. Anyway, I always feel that it is always better to walk away with dignity where the choice to leave is yours and not when you are told to do so.

I suppose that is all I am asking for. Give me my dignity!


  1. your time has come.
    every great peoples shall leave their throne and let the youngsters to take that challenge.
    or you can find an apprentice(if you can find 'em ) to inherit your 'dynasty'.
    But,what kind of people you want to be your apprentice

  2. Shafik:
    I don't make the choices, but the administrators do. I don't want to hold the position for too long because I feel people are getting bored of me. But the administrators trust me too much to let anyone else take over the post. Catch 22 sort of thing you know!

  3. what kind of thing???
    i dont get it

  4. hi again;
    'that sort of thing' is just a matter of speech that refers to a number of things sometimes too many to mention, or even when one is not able to make a specific reference to. That kind of thing :)