Monday, July 5, 2010

Deception Point

Deceived by Two Combs of Bananas
It had to happen at one point in time and I always say it is better late than never. Though the delay of realizing that one has been deceived has actually taken toll on an individual's life. I cannot help but feel like I have been at the bait-end of the lure, taunted and tempted, by this wriggling juicy bait. The angler, to my ignorant assumption, is trying to offer me some kind of delicacy that I have never before had in my life. The angler who is offering me the satisfaction of consuming this exotic live bait.
And being the greedy and gullible individual that I am, I fall hook, line and sinker into this deception, that is now filling me with grief and if not taken care of carefully, may even cause me pain and stress. I should have realized that after this long game of taunting me with the bait, I should have noticed that it was merely a game of who is going to be the actual winner, because the obvious loser is me.
It doesn't really matter how much or how little I have done, but I suppose I was too naive to expect something in return when in reality that is not the case. I guess it was just a case of give and take, with me doing most of the giving. I should learn from this experience of deception, but being a normal (sic!) human being, I doubt I will learn anything from this because I have a feeling I will fall hook, line and sinker again for the next bait that is thrown at me. I just hope it will be more to my taste, at least!

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