Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Higher Education

Students registering at a local university

A Student's home for the next three or four years.

What can be considered as the final hurdle in a student's education is when they set their foot into one of the universities all over the country (or even abroad, if one is lucky enough!) However, this need not be the last for all because education is a never-ending process. But having the chance to further one's education in a university is, well, something to be proud of, not only by the student himself but by all those who know him.

The student's main task now is to study well and to perform to the best of his or her ability, because the real challenge is not setting foot in the university but to compete with the other students who have abilities and qualities of their own. Forget about where the money to support your education is coming from for that is the responsibility of the parents. Forget about having (too much) fun, because enjoyment will come when you produce good results and hold that scroll in your hand.

Most importantly the student himself must remember that his entry into the university is accompanied by the prayers of his loved ones, by the joy of his friends and by the aspirations that he set to his siblings and younger relatives. And with those prayers, joys and aspirations, fly high and make yourself and everyone proud!


  1. i agreed with you.
    get in universities is not the last part of our studies.
    we've been told that education start from cradle and end in grave.

  2. Shafik:
    Even in Islam it said that we should search for knowledge until as far as China. The personal joy of studying in a university is equally shared by many people around you like your parents, siblings, relatives and friends. No, wonders there thousands of people who accompany students for their registrations at the universities. :)