Monday, July 12, 2010

Adios World Cup

Felicidad La Furia Roja

I have never been a football fan and in a way I suppose I never will be. Well, maybe there was once during the 1990 FIFA World Cup, if my memory serves me right, when I was actually a real football fanatic.

I remember I had just got my posting to teach in a Felda scheme all the way in Johor and I was staying in one of the officer's quarters, which incidentally did not look much like one for I suspected the house actually needed some tending to and a fresh coat of paint. But enough about the house and back to football.

I recall all throughout the month that the event took place, my housemate at that time, prepared ourselves to stay up late to watch the interesting matches which meant choosing our favourite teams. We would set our alarm clocks, go to bed early and let the clocks wake us up. When we got up, we boiled a pot of coffee, took out some biscuits, switched on the telly and huddled warmly in our respective duvets to watch the games. There were only two of us in the house, but the noise that we made cheering for the teams, almost every time woke up the neighbours, who almost all of them had small school-going children and some even smaller.

When I recall those crazy football loving days, I can appreciate how people actually do go crazy over football. However, watching football games like the World Cup now is a totally different ball game altogether; no pun intended! People don't watch the games on their tellies in the comfort of their own homes but they go to food outlets like stalls and bistros to watch the telecast on giant screens with other strangers. True, they go there with their friends but the spirit of football being a game to enjoy in the comfort of your own home is a thing of the past.
Football has now become a culture! If football is the culture that young people nowadays are willing to adopt, what happens to the culture they already have?

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