Monday, July 26, 2010

Nisfu Syaaban

In the light of Nisfu Syaaban, which literally means, the fifteenth night of the month of Syaaban, Muslims all over the world are looking to practise as much good deeds in anticipation of the coming Ramadhan.

And in light of this auspiscious night, I would like to share some thoughts about 4 of the 9 reasons for an unhappy heart.

1. Anger : When one has anger in his heart, one will not be able to find peace, similarly he will also not be able to find happiness.

2. Vengeful : Being vengeful will eat up ones heart, always thinking of ways to destroy other people. With a heart full of this feeling, one cannot find happiness.

3. Miser : A person with this in his heart, will find ways to avoid from making the smallest of donations for fear that other may share his wealth, or even worse become richer than he is, and is always worried that would happen, thus robbing him of his happiness.

4. Greed : Just like the miser, one who is full of greed, wants all wealth to be his, and it does not make him happy to see other people have a any share of wealth.

Insya Allah, the other five reasons will be shared in my next post.

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