Thursday, January 21, 2010

More bummer

Yesterday bosses, it's students today

The kind that come to school only to play

Some are busy grooming their looks

Don't as them to study, they don't bring their books

In front of the class, you are busy teaching

At the back, they are busy talking

You tell them to stop. to no avail

Your hopes and determination become frail

My only wish is, they FAIL!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Some bosses are a real scare

How are we? They don't care

The only thing they ever do is to instruct, instruct, instruct

They don't even care if you self-destruct

They give you work that is never-ending

Their tone of voice, condescending

I hate these people, I hate them so

Although I'm not supposed to, I know

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hello 2010!

Well, it's the start of another school year! And welcome once again, to another 'Dallas' plus 'Dynasty' plus '90210' etc, etc. Yeap! Things don't just happen on television; they happen in school too. Back-stabbing, gossiping, bad-mouthing and everything else under the sun; they all happen here! And those are just the teachers!!!

After more than twenty years in the business, I have had my fair share of these sort of people. Even now, when the great five-oh is just around the corner. I still can't get the hang of these people. Sad to say, these are the people who make it in the business. Kind of brings the words 'Good guys finish last' a new meaning! Well, once again. Welcome to the school year of 2010. The real world!

Beware, beware

People will never learn! Falling in love is as natural as changing your clothes or eating your favourite food. But falling in love with someone else, when you have been in love with another person who has been loving you all this while is like changing into a set of clothes that does not belong to you. Or eating someone else's food when your own favourite food is right next to it. Strange how we always look at other clothes or eat other foods when we have those of our own.