Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Effort Unappreciated

The Good, The Bad and The Totally Bad

You are always encouraged to the point of being forced, to prepare resource materials, especially ones that would attract the students' interest to learn, in this case English Language. And you, either out of obligation or sheer interest, spend your precious time and money to do just that and more, so your students would get, not only to acquire the language, but in doing so, undertake activities that challenge their knowledge and also their creativity.

And to allow these students the opportunity to complete your tasks, you give them ample time to finish the task; not one day, not two, but more than a week. And to make things even easier for them, they are allowed to complete the tasks in groups of as many as four people.

However, all your planning and your research in creating educational resource materials for your students fall flat in your face because none of your students made any attempt to check out your resource materials, let alone complete the tasks. It really is disheartening when you think that the only reason you go all out to produce these materials is to allow your students the chance to improve their proficiency in the language. It just makes you feel like going back to the more conventional method of 'chalk and talk'! Only when I talk, I would want them to keep quiet. And the chalk, I would not use it to write on the board!


  1. i know how you feel about it.
    but,it's all about attitude.You give us a week to watch that speech,and all of us just take it lightly.I think its time for you to show us who is emperor,who is the minnions.
    Last but not least,I,represent the whole class want to apologize about our stupid mistake(T,T)

  2. Shafik:

    No se problemas! Well, I guess I expected too much from the class with the limited time given to you. But, I really thought you would be interested to try something new to work on. By the way, I prefer students to learn because they want to learn. Sometimes forcing them to learn only makes them think that learning can be so false. I feel that when students learn to learn, they realize the value of learning. I may be too presumptuous about this, but this is the principle I hold on to. Fortunately, it has not failed me yet! :)