Monday, June 14, 2010

The Holiday Exodus

As usual, holidays is the time for people to go back home to their roots to visit their elders and relatives, whatever the underlying reasons may be. I usually prefer to spend my holidays at home, relaxing and pottering around in the small garden or just trying out new recipes in the kitchen. But, once in a while, I get requests from my kids and spouse to travel back to the village and meet our elders there.
Visiting my in-law has always been a journey back to nature where the environment is still filled with fresh air and and abundance of flora and fauna. It is a return to a place where I can simply pluck fruits from the tree and be assured they are clean enough to be eaten. I can pluck any vegetable growing by the small creek or under any of the fruit trees and be confident that it has not been sprayed with any artificial fertilizer or chemical pesticides. In a nutshell, I spend most of my time in the village outside the house than inside it. I think it's just me because I enjoy being with the greenery and filling my lungs with the fresh air, amidst the shrieks of my in-law to come into the house!
Well, there will be many more trips to this village, God willing, as long as the elders are still living there and as long as they still have a hold on the land. I guess that is something that they should hold on to, not for their own sake, but also for the sake of future generations.


  1. We must keep our enviroment clean that we can breath a clean air.

    We must stop the destruction of our nature...

    think our future and generation..

  2. Hi Apek:
    I agree that we should keep our environment clean for our future generation. A cleaner environment does make it easier to breathe because of the fresh air. That is the very reason why, when we go back to our villages, we should strive to keep the lush greenery in our villages the way they are. It also provides us a retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life where we can be calm and relaxed.