Sunday, June 20, 2010

cat stevens

Somethings are easier said in a song, especially a song that encompasses everything that you want to say. It doesn't really matter if the song is an old one. Since a song is supposed to be universal, it's main function is to entertain and at the same time, educate.

Sometimes it also takes a good listening to the lyrics of a song to get you to understand yourself and the people who matters most around. The answers and justifications you seek are all around you, but when it happens to be in a song, it seems to have more impact. A song, in this case a video, leaves an even deeper impression because you can hear how the singer expresses every single sentence in the song and at the same time you can see his facial expression with the articulation of every single word.

And once a while, you come across a song that says vividly want you cannot say, mostly because of your own ego. To people who matter most to me, thank you for being a part of me.

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