Thursday, August 12, 2010

I Remember Her Well.....

I remember her well, so calm and so cool
Waving goodbye, as I set off to school
She packed some sandwiches in my bag; so neat!
So I won't go hungry, I'd have something to eat

I remember her well, by the door she waited
As I came home from school, tired but excited
I ate the food she cooked; all were so nice
Even when they were just 'kicap' and plain, white rice

I remember her well, when I went to the playground
Watching over me; she'd always be around
And whenever I was hurt, she'd blow it away
Surprisingly enough, it would all be okay!

I remember her well, when she tucked me in bed
Putting a light, fluffy pillow under my head
And every time when I started to weep
She'd say, "Don't cry"; she'd sing me to sleep

I remember her well, every night every day
Nothing I do can ever repay
Even though now, we are no more together
I remember her best, because she's my MOTHER.....

from an eternally grateful son......
......and one year has gone by........


  1. very nostalgic.
    is that your parents?

  2. hi shafik;
    yes, they are my parents. this poem is dedicated to my late mother, who passed away a year ago on the 12th of August 2009. the situations in this poem are real experiences of mine.