Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To Learn Or Not To Learn

Is English Language such a sleepy subject?

What can a teacher do to attract the interest of his students to learn English Language? I mean, it's not like I have been complacent all my teaching life not to realize their needs to things that are new. It's not like I ignore their desire for things that challenge their critical and creative abilities. And at the same time, it's not like I ignore the syllabus set by the Ministry.

Moreover, I can safely and happily say that I am the only English teacher in this school, or even in this area, who teaches English Language using modules which are related to the chapters stipulated in the school textbooks. I have poured for hours on the modules by surfing for suitable materials on the Internet; netizens will attest that it is not easy to find suitable and at the same time, credible materials. I have spent countless hours creating activities based on these materials that I collect; activities which include reading comprehension, vocabulary building, text completion, grammar activities and even activities for enrichment.

However, my hard work is all in vain because the results that I have been expecting is not materialising. Students seem to misplace the modules that I give them. They don't seem to complete their work. On top of that, they don't even bother to hand in their exercise books. All these, in spite of my many futile attempts to get them to do so.

I am willing to change,yet again, what ever that is necessary to get my students to enjoy learning English Language once again, just like my former students, many years ago. I am willing to change! But are my students willing to do the same?


  1. our former PM stated 'learn english will not make someone less patriotic'
    yet it depends on the student himself whether he wants to enhance his language skills .
    nowadays english is the 2nd language in malaysia because it is the medium communication used around the world but few students in malaysia do not realized the essential of it in the future

  2. shafik:
    people will only realize the importance of something when he or she cannot have it anymore. people take for granted what they have, especially when it is given to them for free :)