Monday, August 23, 2010

Form Six Students

Are Form Six Students A Pampered Lot?

Ever since the inception of this new format for Form Six which involves everything from the teachers to the school hours, words have got around that there are many people from the main stream, teachers and students alike, voicing out their dissatisfaction. They say that the Form Six's go home much earlier than their peers in the main stream and that their time-table is more relaxed. The Form Six teachers are not safe from these dissatisfaction's also. They, this time the main-stream teachers, say that the Form Six teachers are having a happy time teaching adult learners who do not seem to pose any disciplinary problems and that teaching is a breeze. The dissatisfied teachers from the main-stream also attest that the Form Six teachers can also go home earlier than they do. In essence, they say that the Form Six teachers can do whatever they like.

Well, I would like to take this opportunity to put to light a few misconceptions. First of all, the Form Six teachers are not leading a happy teaching life. The main-stream teachers are welcome to check out time-table which bear witness that the Form Six teachers' are jammed packed with activities other than teaching. We have slots for group Research and Development sessions which take up to periods. Then there is the Exam and Evaluation section of the time-table which takes up three periods. If a Form Six teacher already has 23 teaching periods, when you add the five periods mentioned, he would have 31 periods! On top of that the Form Six has 160 minutes of co-curriculum compared to the main-stream that is 150 minutes. Worse of all, when there is any activity conducted for the Form Six, we are not allowed to involve the teachers from the main-stream; but when there is any activity organised by the main-streams the Form Six teachers are forcefully involved.

So, I say to these main-stream teachers who complain, go ahead and pour your heart out. Form Six teachers have never complained about their lack of opportunity to become the Head of Departments, Senior Assistants or what ever administrative posts that you are holding. So, to be fair, don't hold a grudge against us.

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