Monday, August 23, 2010

Ask Me No Questions, And I'll Tell You No Lies

Of course people don't usually ask me any questions. First because I am the quiet type and second, because I usually shy away from people when I see them heading towards me. And especially when I know people want to converse with on topics that I don't really favour.

However, it seems very odd when people begin to lie through their teeth when nothing is asked from them. It always hurts me more when people lie because they think they want to protect me from the agony of listening to the truth; when they think that I cannot accept the truth.

I suppose that is the real reason why I shy away from people. Mostly because I already know the truth, but because people think that I may get hurt when they me the truth, they begin to tell me lies. I, on the other hand, already know the real situation.

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