Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Teacher's Greatest Gift

Nothing gives a teacher that feel good factor than to see his children do well, per se. And I say this in general, even though I am actually referring to the recent SPM examination results which saw quite a few of my children achieving personal goals of their own. And when I say children, I am referring to my students, who to me, are like my own children; one because of our obvious age differences and two because that is how I treat them. Like my own children. My only regret, if you can call it that is, some of my children do not see that bond that I am trying to make with them, to the extent of making my presence in class to teach them as something of a nuisance. I always think that these children who do not appreciate their teachers as elderly people, would usually treat the elders in their homes in the same manner; those elders being their parents. I pity their parents who lack the appreciation of their own children. I, on the other hand, can at least take heart in the one or two children in my school who are appreciative of me, even though they are just a fraction of the hundreds in school. They make my day!

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