Saturday, March 20, 2010

Blood Is Thicker.....

Why do people have family gatherings? Some do it to see how we have all progressed. Some do it to figure out much wealth each one of us have accumulated, and to compare the differences! I, on the other hand, get together with my family just to catch up with old times, to gossip and to just be with them. My get togethers are usually stress-free because we don't talk about things that cause us stress. Anyone who starts talking about distressing things will immediately be isolated, his topic crushed to nothing until he surrenders and join in our topic of conversation. Conversations usually centres around our favourite foods which we prepare separately and bring to share. In fact the food that we bring can be topics of conversations in itself which sometimes can be endless once started. We try not to bring up distressing topics because what is the purpose of family gatherings than to be with the family. Of course with laughter there is also sadness; for the quarrels we once had, for the mistakes we made and for the loved ones we lost. But the once thing we hope not to lose is our family.

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