Friday, March 12, 2010

The Gherkin Analogy Part II

Still on the subject of 'master teachers' whose purpose of being allocated to various institutions is to help teacher trainees who will be teaching English Language in local schools, with their English. This, according to one imaginative person who has seen too much of Alice in Wonderland, will improve the English Language of these teacher trainees who, at the end of their training, will be posted to local schools where a majority of the students would not have English Language as their mother tongue. Imagine this scenario! A dedicated teacher with full mastery of English Language, thanks to the 'master teacher' and the Alice in Wonderland fan, now face to face with not less than one hundred of these local students! This teacher happily thought, with the particular skill bestowed upon him, he would be able to impart similar knowledge to the students. But to his dismay, he found it impossible to accomplish this because, unlike him, the 'master teacher' and the Alice in Wonderland fan, these students do not have basic command of English Language. In a nutshell, every one starts by building their own Wonderland, thanks to Alice and her 'fan'.

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