Sunday, March 21, 2010


We cannot run from the fact that one of the reasons why we all go to school, apart from studying and making new friends, is to eventually sit for exams. Some exams are more important than others especially the ones that determine our future. However, having said that, some students still delay revising their subjects until the very last minute. No amount of encouragement from their teachers would sway them from their couldn't-care-less attitude. These are the group of students who wait until the very last minute to do their revision, if any can be done at all, considering the tension that is building up due to the impending examinations. Not only because of the tension but also because there is really not enough time to read up on all the lessons taught in class. Nothing that has been taught in, let's say, one and a half years, can logically be crammed into one night of studying, no matter how intensive. So, especially to my students, my advice is, to start your revision when your teacher tells you to do so because, one thing is sure, the teacher only has the students interest in mind.

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