Friday, March 12, 2010

The Gherkin Analogy

All of us sit in utter silence holding our breath and await the outcome of this 'master teacher' programme where at this initial stage, about 300 English teachers from the UK are placed in several institutions to help future teachers with their English Language. With the lack of information in the media, it is assumed that one 'master teacher' is appointed to help and guide, let's say, not less than one hundred teacher trainees. I have the strange feeling that these 'master teachers' must feel exactly like the local teachers when they are placed in local schools. Let us imagine these 'master teachers' as a small cucumber each and the local environment including the teacher trainees as pickling brine. What do you think would happen? The end result would have the cucumber taste like the brine because it is immersed in something that overcomes it. You will never get the pickling brine to taste like the cucumber! Talking about cucumber, how cool is that analogy!

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