Wednesday, March 3, 2010

He Had Such Quiet Eyes...

.....until I realised the truth behind them. Gotcha there! No, this is not a review about 'that' poem, but it is a review nonetheless. In a way, all of us have been duped by those pair of quiet eyes, into believing that he would be our champion. We realise only too late to find out that he is not here to give our profession a boost but to make us regret joining this profession. With all the allocation that is going to be pumped in, how many youngsters can actually make football their livelihood? And what is the rational of applauding schools with the creme de la creme of the student community and saying that they have done well in academics, when they are all excellent to begin with? And why lavish them with thousands of ringgit, when they can actually afford being there in the first place? So, to make up for this spending spree by that man with the quiet eyes, the rest of us have to tighten our belts, poor students are deprived of their free food and milk rations, no more free uniforms for the needy and tuition vouchers for students from lower income families, disappear. Alas, we, like the Malay saying goes, are mere cucumbers. If we roll, we get damaged. And if we are rolled, we get damaged too. All this for the man with such quiet eyes....


  1. hi intan;
    I'm glad you agree with me. However, I'm not sure which of my opinions you agree to because I express quite a few in my blog. It helps if you could be more specific. Thanks for visiting my blog anyway. :)