Monday, February 22, 2010

Who Needs Enemies When You Have Friends Like These.

In my previous entry earlier this year, I mentioned about the backstabbing that happens here, comparing them to scenes from popular night time soaps. Well, unfortunately one of those victims is now finally me. After twenty plus years of minding my own business, people have now taken into their assumption that this docile behaviour is a submissive trait and people can just simply go behind my back and stab me. No! Not like 'bury the hatchet' situation. This is more like I-stab-you-so-I-can-get-ahead-of-you situation, even though that person does not really deserve it. I think I will continue minding my own business, come all the JRs in the world, because I feel there's always a place for Bobby Ewing! And isn't there a saying that goes 'Good always Triumph over Evil'! I choose to believe. So there!

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