Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Nation's Wealth should be Common Wealth

The days of share and share alike have gone by passing us all at break-neck speed. Gone are the days when one gets financial gains, and the rest of us share in the wealth and feel the tangible increment. Gone are the days when you get a small slice of the pie, the rest of us also get a slice each. However, in today's situation, things do not look that bright when one can get a huge slice of the pie and the rest is left with crumbs. Worse still, that single person gets the whole pie, crumbs and all. So, we watch in frustration and salivate to no end on the side line, when others get that huge slice of pie, all the time salivating too; only waiting to sink their teeth into that thick juicy pie. And, still we continue to wait and say; just you wait!

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