Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Advantages of Studying Abroad

I think one of the advantages of studying abroad, is definitely the notion of being independant, especially when it comes to food. If you have always had your mom prepare your food for you, studying abroad gives you the chances to prove your culinary skills, more so if you are where it is quite impossible to get food that conform to your religious backgrounds. Thus the easiest way out is to prepare your own food. Not only do you comform to your religion, you also become good at cooking and, who knows, you may one day turn the skill into a livelihood.


  1. It is true that a lot of advantage that we will have as our experience in our life. Not only improve our culinary skills, but we can learn their lifestyle in positive spot, their language, their culture and also how their government works. That's why a lot of western style in our country because they(western people) brought it by media. Our people just easy to get influence by something new without knowing that it's not suitable for his culture. That's why we must learn from western style or any other countries but in positive things which not the opposite from our culture.

  2. There are many positive values we can learn when we study abroad. However, there are those negative values, too. The main thing is, when we go overseas to study, we must be wise enough to choose which values are beneficial to us. Thanks for the comments!

  3. Study abroad also have disadvantages, but we must keep themselves from being influenced by the culture there. Actually studying abroad is full of amazing experiences, from learning a new culture and language it can to making a new friends from diverse ethnic and national backgrounds. Thus give us a closer to look at how other people live and how they different from us. Beside that we have the opportunity to study in the most high academies. So for students who study abroad will become a more independent, confident and eager to face any challenge.

  4. Dear red,
    Learning abroad can be a wonderful experience for the benefits you mentioned in your comment. But as Malaysians, we must know our limits and uphold our moral values because those are the things that make us unique. Thanks again for the comment.