Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cries and Goodbyes

When it comes to the time when you want to terminate a relationship, how, exactly do you say goodbye to the person? And more importantly, how will that person take it? I, for one, can't help thinking that the person would be confused. It's easier for me, I guess, because I am the one who is going to sever the tie and the person is going to get second-hand knowledge about it. Confused is definitely an understatement. Rage would possibly ensue, followed by a bombardment of questions and self-blaming, which makes it a lot more difficult for me since I can't think of a reason to give. Actually, I know the reason but it seems rather difficult to put it into words. Is there such a thing as an eloquent departure from a relationship? Could there be such a thing as, you go your way and I'll go mine without giving a second glance for fear of looking into each other's eyes? Well, I'd give a second glance; as long as that other person doesn't look back!


  1. im ruzaini it is not easy to say goodbye especially to our good friends.firstly maybe many problems we has get together and solve it together so if we cut our relationship we cannot except it.friends is importance in our life we need friends and friends need us.we can give them a second chance to forgive about mistake that they have done.this is my opinion

  2. Dear Zaini
    Saying goodbye to a friend is really difficult especially after being friends for a long period of time. Friendship has become more like kinship which makes separation even more difficult. But, remember, we have to say goodbye to our friends and sometimes it is for the better. Thanks for the comment.