Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Should Corporal Punishment be Implemented in School

What does a teacher do when they are confronted with an unruly student who only has disrespect for the teacher, never does his school work and disturbs the class when the teacher is trying his very best to teach. In a nutshell the student is trying his very best to be a pain the neck. On top of that he repeatedly does it over and over again. A teacher's hand is proverbially tied and thus hinders him from lifting a single finger to reprimand the student when in fact the student can even go to the extent of giving the teacher a heart attack! Something should be done to this kind of student. This student should be caned. We must remember that manners is something thought at home since birth and not when they enter school seven years after birth. Thus, his parents are to be blamed for this student's rowdiness. Come to think of it, maybe the student is not the one to be caned, but his parents!

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