Saturday, April 10, 2010

Where Are They Now?

How time flies! One moment they are just innocent, fresh faced teenagers eager to learn anything that their teachers would dispense to them. The next moment they have grown up to become adolescents ready to face the world and all its challenges. With their advancing maturity, I can't help but feel that I am growing older day by day; in fact I am growing older. But I would like to grow old, with the pleasant thought that I have somehow contributed something beneficial to these students, or rather ex-students; something instrumental for them to make it in the world. Then again these guys are the creme de la creme of our school and most of them have done well for themselves. I am happy for them! But where are the rest of them? I would really like to know what they are doing because once a teacher always a teacher, and the sense of responsibility is still there, even though they have gone their own ways. Spread your wings and fly far my students. My prayers will go with you.

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