Friday, April 2, 2010

What Does A Teacher Do?

The present teacher is burdened with a lot of other unrelated work besides teaching because the ministry thinks teaching is a simple thing to do. Maybe I can highlight to these people some of the things and the processes that a teacher goes through before, while and after teaching. Please take note and don't just walk away!
Before the actual teaching, a teacher has to prepare his lesson plans for the next day. If there are four classes, there will be four different lesson plans. Writing a lesson plan doesn't take much time but it is the thought into writing it that takes most of the time. First, the teacher needs to know the proficiency levels of his students. Then he would have to look for suitable materials to be used during the lesson which could take hours of pouring through the Internet and reference materials. Next, he would have to develop at least two different sets of exercises based on the materials he has found. Following this, he would have to copy the materials, type the exercises, print them and photocopy according to the number of students for that one particular class. He would also need to foresee the difficulties faced by the students in order for him to come up with remedial or enrichment exercises. Only after at least ten hours of planning would he be able to write down the lesson plan. All this is done before teaching; and that's only for ONE class and ONE period only! It would be double time for a double period!
NB: While and after teaching to follow.


  1. well,my mother also a teacher.She says this is the WORST profession ever in malaysia.nowadays teachers has been burdened with ridiculous work includin being a baby sitter if the pupils get sick or else

  2. hi shafik:
    good to know that your mom's a teacher too. well, we teachers can't help but be 'married' to our profession. It's like when you marry someone, you are responsible for everything. you cannot say 'I dont want to do this' or 'I dont want to do that'. It's like you have to do everything, including becoming a baby-sitter!