Friday, April 2, 2010

A Happy Teacher Is A Productive Teacher

Many debates about the responsibilities of teachers have made the headlines in all the media for as long as I have been teaching. And consequently many promises by the ministry have been made to look into matter. However, sadly they have looked into the matter! Why do I say that it is sad? This is because that is what they normally do; that is they just 'look into' it!
Teachers say that their work is to teach but they are burdened with too much clerical work which can affect the teachers' focus and attention on their real responsibility. I say that clerical work is part and parcel of being a teacher, which does not necessarily mean I totally agree with it. But if a teacher needs to be given clerical work besides teaching, I would suggest that teachers be given less teaching periods. More than 20 periods a week consume a lot of the teachers' sane time and thus leave them less time for nothing else, especially clerical work. I mean, if you want teachers to excel in both areas that is teaching and clerical work.


  1. unhappy teacher can disturb the concentration of pupils in class.thus,teacher have to control their emotion so the pupils can focus in learning subject that teacher's can improve their skill in some kind of subject.

  2. Hi Faizal,
    Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your views but teachers are humans to and are susceptible to feelings and emotions. But when we teach, we set all our troubles aside and concentrate on what we are supposed to do; teach! I personally dont bring my problems into the classroom! Hope you don't either!