Saturday, April 3, 2010

What Does A Teacher Do? Part II

After completing the before part of the lesson, now comes the while part of the lesson. This is where you see the teacher starting the lesson not with the set induction but with attempts to control the class situation due to the rowdiness of the 40 odd number of students, telling them to get ready for lessons and getting out their books, which more often than not, would take up about 10 to 15 minutes of the lesson. It takes the teacher another 5 minutes during the set induction to actually get the students ready and to listen to what the is saying.
The teacher then proceeds to Step 1, which could be a comprehension exercise which would take about 2o minutes; a task which would be preceded by reading aloud individually or in groups and with the teacher correcting the pronunciation or stress of particular words. Then, while the students are doing their work, the teacher would not be sitting down at his desk, but be walking around from student to student in order to, one, find out if any of the students are facing any difficulties and two, if the students are actually doing their work. The teacher would also be guiding the students to search for difficult words using the dictionary. The final part of the lesson would consist of a remedial or enrichment exercise, after discussing with the students the answers to the comprehension exercise. Bear in mind that for 40 minutes, the teacher has been on his feet without sitting down. Can you imagine if the teacher has eight periods for that day? He would then be on his feet for 320 minutes or 3 hours and 40 minutes! And still people insist that a teacher's work is relaxing!

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