Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Responsibilities Amongst Friends

There is not a single person in this world who is not bogged down by responsibilities, be they young school-going children or working adults. The only difference is whether those responsibilities are simple or difficult ones that involve other people around you.

It always makes things a lot easier when people around you are willing to cooperate in completing certain tasks. Even though, things may look daunting initially, but after some discussion your friend or colleague begin to see the light of things and start to accept his or her responsibilities. Of course, you will be able to exhale a sight of relief, knowing that this person, who earlier on started off by giving many excuses not to carry out his or her responsibilities, eventually agrees to them, after realising without that person, things will not go as planned.

But, how do you handle someone whom, after many discussions and giving alternatives and suggestions, is still adamant in not contributing to the success of a planned activity. You give the person every possible way for her to carry out the task, but she still comes up with excuses not to carry out her responsibility. Worse of all, she starts roping every body around her to agree with her demands; people who initially had agreed to their own responsibilities.

The way I am feeling now, is I am thinking of just letting go of the whole planned activity and just let that person handle the whole thing as she wants. Perhaps, the good thing about being called for a meeting on the very date that we are having the activity, is that I will not be around; and she can rope in as many people as she wants. Since I can't do things our way, I guess she should be able to do things her way!

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