Thursday, November 4, 2010

Floods In Perlis and Kedah

Not Even A Cat Is Spared

When a natural disaster happens, it ultimately affects all, from the youthful young to the energetic elders, and from pretty plants to furry felines. The picture above is of a feline friend that belongs to a friend in Perlis who has been experiencing this calamity since the 1st of November.

One other person who is affected by the huge flood is a dear ex-student of mine who is studying in a university in Perlis. What is more challenging for him, who has had a very sheltered life here, is that he has to undergo the flood by himself and even had to be transported in a lorry that was used to transport sand, just to be saved from the flood! Well, my dear ex-student, experience is an enriching element of life.

On top of that my own sister could probably be in some flood relief centre. However, I am really praying that she is in no way involved and that she and her family are safe and sound at home, possibly have a hearty a dinner while watching news about the flood on their own telly! I have not heard any news from her even though I have made many unsuccessful text messages to her.

As an outsider looking in, my heart and my prayers go out to all those involved in the flood and hope that they be patient and persevere!

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