Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I have to say that the best novel that I have ever read, and my first, is The Other Side of Midnight, by the late Sidney Sheldon. Being a novice reader at the time, I found the story so spell-binding that it was impossible to put the book down, or as people who reviewed it said; "unputdownable"!.
The most interesting aspect of the story is that Sidney Sheldon managed to transport me, who has never been anywhere outside my own country ever, to countries all over the world and especially Paris, where most of the story is based. Little did I know that later in the course of my life, I eventually had the wonderful opportunity to go to Paris myself.
His interpretation of the main character was so realistic that you had no choice but to sympathise with her and hate the people who mistreat her, even though the ending was something I did not expect at all. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful read, and I have read it four more times since then, and have also watched the film version of the movie; and on top of that, uncensored, too!
Since this is a lovely story, besides all the other novels written by Sidney Sheldon, I recommend anyone who wants to start with a captivating read, go the bookstores and buy this book! Better still, make a collection of his books!! Happy reading!


  1. I myself have read novels that tells me about Paris. It sure is a nice country. And by the way he write the story I can imagine the beauty of the novel itself. I know how captivating a novel could be. Sometimes when I read a novel I could forget to eat. I would sure go and buy this book.

  2. I was told to send my book report here.
    So, here I am posting my book report.
    My book report are on a book entitled "Almost Fifteen"
    This is a very fascinating book.Well just by looking at the title it already gives us the impression that this book is about teenagers.The world inside this story revolves around a young lady name Imogen Rogers.For me she is a very strong, brave, inteligent and indipendent girl.She single-handedly capture the theft that try to steal her grandmother's silver.
    She is the only one who worries about their family's financial problems. This is because in her family there is no one who works for income to support their daily needs.They survive on the royalties of a cook book written by her grandmother's aunt.This make her determind to be an accountant. She also faced her boyfriend who just break up with her bravely.I do admire her courage.I hope one day I would be as brave as her.
    And with that I end my book report.

  3. This is my book report.
    I have read a book entitled "My Neighbour is Vampire".This is about a ghost story.A kid named Karen want to find something adventure that have lead him to his neighbour,Mr Deville's top secret.Mr Deville is a vampire that want to kill all the villagers for their blood.
    I like the character of Karen who want to safe his village from the crazy suckblooder.He is the only one who knows about the vampire.So it was his duty to safe his village without thinking of his life.HE was ready to sacrifice his life for other benefit.I really admire his courage.I hope I one day I would be as brave as him.
    That's all for my book report.