Monday, August 3, 2009

Energy Saving

There are many whats, hows and mainly whys when we mention the words energy saving. People get agitated, uneasy to the point of demanding why they should be the ones to save energy or why should they save energy when they can clearly afford to pay the bills. To those ingnorant enough to even ask these questions, the answer is not in whether you are the one who should save energy or whether you can afford to pay the electricity bills, but what energy saving entails. Just remember, people don't live by electricity alone; and for that matter, people don't live alone.

There are numerous ways for people to save energy. They can look at how they use the electrical appliances at home and what are the appliances they use. They can look at how much water they use every day and whether the amount they use is absolutely necessary. The task of saving energy is not an individual task, but the responsibility of many, including the society in which we live in, the electronic and printed media and above all, the government. In short, it takes two, or in this case three, to tango! Ole!

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