Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Improving Your Englsh Language

Learning a second language, without doubt, is a daunting task, not least because it is a totally different language with different grammatical structures, but also because learners see no possible need to use the language.

What ever the reason, learning a second language will definitely depend on the learner's desire and willingness to learn. Of course, with purpose for the language will come the need to learn, but the learner himself or herself will have to find or create that opportunity to use the language because opportunity to use the language is something that the learner has to find and not given on a silver platter! No pain, no gain!


  1. We hope that we can improve our skill in everything in English.It will be nice if you tell us about the novel that you have read in listening section.Beside that,we hope you can teach us to speak in better English.

  2. Learning a second language is a good idea. For example, learning English language is a great idea because it an international language which is most country use this language. Even a second language, we still need to learn it seriously. If we are not good enough in second language such as english language, we must improve ourselves to be better. For example, we can improve with always speak in english, read newspaper and novels, also wacth english movie with english subtitles or without subtitles.

    Azli, Hayati, Tini and Syairah