Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Hate Public Speaking Song - Joyful Public Speaking

This week I shall be doing Public Speaking with my Form 6 students and I think this video may offer some light humour to a heavy subject. I realize that not many people enjoy public speaking, even though, given half the chance, they would ordinarily talk incessantly with their friends. I suppose public speaking is similar to speaking normally with friends. The only difference here is they don't reciprocate; a one way communication. I assume the thing that gets people off public speaking is that they are prone to the scrutiny of their listeners and also the fact that they have to talk about one particular subject for a given amount time; not less than five minutes usually. However, the one thing that my students have to conquer is not their fear of public speaking but their proficiency in English Language. I suppose that is the thing that they fear the most, speaking publicly and in English!


  1. i don't think they afraid do the public speakin' stuff,they just afraid of being laughed by other students,since they dont talk proper english.

  2. hi shafik
    I totally agree with you. Sometimes, it is not a matter of being laughed at, but more to the feeling of inferiority where they feel that they are not good at speaking in English. What makes it worse is they think others are better then them!