Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Selesa Beach Resort is so Selesa

A Relaxing Place to Relax

This evening I just returned from a two-day meeting at Selesa Beach Resort in Port Dickson. Even though in essence it is called a meeting, to me however, is actually a brief vacation from the mundane routine that I go through every monotonous day. As the name of the Resort suggests, it is indeed a relaxing (selesa) place for an individual to wind down. Even better the stay there was free.

Actually, I have attended many meetings at this venue for the past ten years or so, ever since this resort was known as Regency Hotel until it was taken over by a new management a few years ago who decided to call it by its present name. And I have never had any complaints! One thing that I can applaud this resort is it is quite friendly. On a few occassions I reached the resort earlier than the check in time, usually after a long, hot two-hour drive. And I have always been pleasantly received by the staff at the reception counter who checked me in even though I had arrived at 12.50 p.m. By the way, the check in time is 2.00 p.m.

Unfortunately meetings conducted are usually long and time consuming and they do not leave the participants much time to go to the beach for a swim or a stroll. However, just catching a glimpse of the calm azure sea is usually enough to bring cheer and relaxation after long sessions of meetings. I'm hoping to attend more meetings at Selesa Beach Resort because it is "selesa"!

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  1. faizal sugget that teacher brought us go to it for vacation. hehe