Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Eid Mubarak

A Chance For Family Reunion

Eid Fitr is the day every one eagerly awaits every year, more so for the Muslims who have been fasting for one month prior to that, and also for Malaysians of other races who join in the annual celebration.

Eid is also an opportunity for family members to reunite after a long absence from each other. Each of us have our own responsibilities to tend to, our jobs and careers and also our families to care for, which in a way hinders us from seeing each other as often as we may want to.

Thus, it is not only an opportunity to catch up with old times and updating each other with current developments, it is also a time to just get together to see each others' faces. It is a time to get to know the latest addition to the family, be they nieces, nephews, grandchild or even in-laws. It is definitely a time to see the expansion of the family.

In a nutshell, Eid is definitely a time when every one should rejoice. It should not just be ignored because it only comes but once a year. If one misses this year's opportunity, then one will have to wait another 365 days to do all the things mentioned earlier; which, in essence, is a very long wait.

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